How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (2023)

Your router stores the settings for your home Wi-Fi network. If you want to change anything on your network, you need to log into your router's software, also known as firmware. From there, you can rename your network, change the password, adjust the security level, and set or modify a variety of other options.

But before you can do all this, you need to access your router first. The process for connecting to your router should be the same whether you use your ISP's router or youyou bought your own router.It should also be the same whether you are using a dedicated router or a modem/router combinationprovided by your provider.

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Find your router's IP address

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (11)

You log into your router's firmware through a browser. In the address field, type your router's IP address. Mostrouters use a address, but this is not always the case, so you may want to confirm your router's address first.

To find your routerIP address, guycmdin the Windows search bar open Command Prompt. Typeipconfigand run the command. Scroll through the information until you see a setting for Default Gateway on the Ethernet Adapter or Wireless LAN Adapter. This is your router and the number next to it is your router's IP address.

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (12)

You can also find your router's IP address in Windows. InWindows 10, I go toSettings > Network and Internet > Status > View hardware and connection properties. InWindows 11, I go toSettings > Network and internet > Advanced network settings > Hardware and connection properties.

The next screen shows details of your different network connections. Scan the entry for Ethernet or Wi-Fi and look for the Default Gateway setting to find your router's IP address. Once you have the correct IP address, type it into your browser's address field and press Enter.

Enter your login credentials

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (13)

After entering the IP address, you are prompted for a username and password to access your router's firmware. This is either the default username and password for your router, or the unique username and password you may have created when setting up your router. If you don't remember your login credentials, logging in becomes a bit more difficult.

Some routers offer a password recovery feature. If this is the case for your router, this option should appear after entering the wrong username and password a few times. Typically, this window will ask for your router's serial number, which you can find on the bottom or side of the router.

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (14)

If you've never changed your router's login credentials, many use a default username of admin and a default password of password. Try this combination to see if it works. Otherwise, your best bet is to perform a web search for the default username and password for your router brand, such as Netgear, Linksys, Asus, or TP-Link.

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (15)

Another option is to check theRouter passwords website(Opens in a new window), where you can select your router manufacturer to get a list of default usernames and passwords. Try each of the suggestions to get into your router.

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (16)

If you still can't connect to your router's firmware, you'll need to reset the device to return all settings to their defaults. You'll usually find a small reset button on your router. Use a pointed object such as a pen or paper clip to press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. You should now be able to log into your router using your default username and password.

Change the router settings

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (17)

Once you have access to your router's firmware, you will be free to change any items you feel need to be modified. These include your router name and password, security level, and Wi-Fi password. You can also set up parental controls, create avisitor networkand manage connected devices. Just remember to apply any changes before moving on to the next screen.

Documentation and built-in help should be available to help you with the various options if you're not sure how to set them. Most current or recent routers also have setup wizards that can take on some of this work for you.

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Change router connection

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (21)

You should change your router's username and password if they are still set to the default values. Look for an option that is usually nested under the Manage tab. The screen will likely ask for your router's current password and then ask you to enter a new password. Some routers allow you to change the username and password, while others only allow you to change the password.

As you create your new password, remember the usual recommendations for creating asecure password— not so hard that you can't remember, but complicated enough that it's not easy to guess. A passphrase with a combination of words that is easy to remember is also a good choice.

Make sure toremember the new passwordso you don't have to reset the router in the future. Your router's firmware may also ask you to set security questions and answers, another handy way to prove your identity. You should then apply the settings and reconnect to your router.

Check your Wi-Fi password

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (22)

You should also revise yoursWi-Fi passwordto make sure it is strong and safe. To do this, look for a wireless or Wi-Fi section in the router's firmware. You will see the name and password of the current Wi-Fi in the list. Create a more secure password if you think your current one is too weak. Again, keep the usual password recommendations in mind as you do this. If you're still using the default Wi-Fi name, change it to something more unique.

Under Security Options or a similar section, make sure that the security for your network is set to at least WPA2-PSK [AES], which will be the strongest level available for most home wireless networks. Newer routers will have more secure onesWPA3selection. Apply your new settings and close the browser window when you're done.

How to access and change your Wi-Fi router settings (23)How to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

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How do I change my Wi-Fi router settings? ›

  1. How to Change Your Wireless Router Settings. ...
  2. Connect to your network wirelessly, or via ethernet. ...
  3. Find your router configuration page. ...
  4. Log in with the username and password. ...
  5. Find the Wireless Settings page. ...
  6. Set the new channel, usually with a dropdown menu. ...
  7. Your router will now reboot. ...
  8. Troubleshooting.

How do I login to my 192.168 1.1 IP address? ›

1.1 is, the steps you must take are always the same:
  1. Turn on your router and connect it to your computer with an Ethernet cable. ...
  2. Open your favorite web browser and type “” into the address bar. ...
  3. Enter the correct router login/password combination.

What is the admin password for Wi-Fi settings? ›

#1) The default username and password can be obtained from the router manual which comes with the router when you first purchase and install it. #2) Generally, for most of the routers, the default username and password is “admin” and “admin”. However, these credentials may vary depending upon the maker of the router.

What are my WIFI network settings? ›

Click Start, Settings, Network & Internet, and then select the Wi-Fi entry on the left list. Click the Advanced options entry below the last wireless network in the list. The wireless network's Properties will be listed at the bottom of the Wireless Network Connection page.

How do I manually access my router? ›

To access a router, you must know the router's IP address and the administrative user's password and username. To request a connection to the router, enter the IP address in a web browser—, for example. Make sure you're using the correct IP address.

How do I find my router's admin address? ›

Step 1: Click on Start (Windows logo) or press the WIN on your keyboard. Step 2: Search for “cmd” and hit ENTER to launch the command prompt. Step 3: Right inside the command prompt, type in “ipconfig” and hit Enter. The number assigned to “Default Gateway” is your router's IP address.

How do I find the IP address of my router administrator? ›

Click the Windows start button on the bottom left.
  1. Type in "cmd" to display the Command Prompt App.
  2. On the Command Prompt window, type in ipconfig and press [Enter].
  3. The numbers indicated on the Default Gateway is your router's IP address.
  4. Click the Windows start button on the bottom left.

What is the default IP address of a router? ›

The router makers generally use a default router IP address like 192.168. 0.1 or 198.168. 1.1. However, there are several varieties as well in this range which we will explore in detail in this tutorial.

What is Wi-Fi admin login? ›

The router or admin password is used to log in to the router's web interface for configuration or verification purposes while the WiFi password is used to connect WiFi devices to your WiFi or hotspot.

Why can't I access my router admin page? ›

If you can't reach the login page, check if your router is acting up. Temporary issues with the router can be fixed with a quick restart. If that doesn't work, you can perform a factory reset to restore your router to its default settings. You can reset your router using the dedicated reset button or the web interface.

How to find router admin username and password without resetting? ›

The easiest way of how to find routers password is by checking the sticker at the back of the router box. The sticker will show you the password along with other details such as serial number, mac address and other details that you will need to access the router interface.

How do I find my Wi-Fi administrator password if I forgot it? ›

Press and hold the reset button for between 10 and 15 seconds. This will restore the router to its original factory settings and reset the password in the process. Log into your router using the default username and password. In most cases, the default password will be “admin,” “password,” or left blank.

How to connect to router without admin password? ›

Open Command Prompt in Windows. Type in ipconfig/all. Once it shows you the results, simply look for the Default Gateway listing, and that'll show you the IP address. You can then take that IP address and enter it in in your browser.

Can I configure my router myself? ›

Almost all home routers can be setup and managed using a Web interface. i.e a web browser. To use this you will need to connect to the router using the Ethernet port or Wi-Fi .

How can I access my wireless router without IP address? ›

Enter the router's username and password in the login window. "Admin" is the most common default username. "Admin," "Password" or a blank password are the most common default passwords. If your router uses something different, it should be listed in the router's documentation.

What is the admin password for 192.168 0.1 router? ›

The default IP address is At the login, enter the username (admin) and your password (default password is nothing). Note: If you have forgotten this password, you will have no choice but to reset the router to factory defaults.

Who is my DNS server? ›

Open your Command Prompt from the Start menu (or type “Cmd” into the search in your Windows task bar). Next, type ipconfig/all into your command prompt and press Enter. Look for the field labeled “DNS Servers.” The first address is the primary DNS server, and the next address is the secondary DNS server.

How do I see all my IP addresses? ›

First, click on your Start Menu and type cmd in the search box and press enter. A black and white window will open where you will type ipconfig /all and press enter. There is a space between the command ipconfig and the switch of /all. Your ip address will be the IPv4 address.

Does my WIFI router have an IP address? ›

Your router also has a public (external) IP, which is what devices from networks other than your own see. The easiest way to find your public IP address is to ask a website.

What is the IP address to access router settings? ›

Most routers use an address of, but that's not always the case, so you may first want to confirm the address of your router. To find your router's IP address, type cmd in the Windows search bar open the Command Prompt. Type ipconfig and run the command.

What is the default IP address of network devices? ›

Network devices are set to a single default IP address; for example, Linksys routers are typically assigned an IP address of 192.168. 1.1. The default address is left intact by most users, but can be changed to suit a more complex network architecture. See default gateway and IP address.

What should be the alternate DNS server? ›

Google: &

Primary DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888. Secondary DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8844.

How can I tell how many devices are connected to my wifi router? ›

With the Google Home app
  1. Open the Google Home app .
  2. Tap Favorites Wifi .
  3. At the top, tap Devices.
  4. Tap a specific device and a tab to find additional details. Speed: Real time usage is how much data your device is currently using. Usage is how much data the device has used over the selected time frame.

How do I access my WiFi account? ›

Turn on & connect
  1. Open your device's Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet. Internet.
  3. Tap a listed network. Networks that require a password have a Lock .

Is The admin password the same as the router password? ›

Your router's administrative password is not the same as the password to access your Wi-Fi. In fact, you should not use the same password for both purposes.

Can you just change your WIFI router? ›

Even if your original router was installed by a technician, you'll be able to change from one router to another on your own. Although all routers are slightly different, these steps will give you a general idea of the process. Purchase or lease a new router. Select a router or combined router and modem.

How do I change my router to 2.4 GHz? ›

To connect your Android device to a 2.4 GHz network:
  1. Open the Settings app for your Android device.
  2. Tap Connections.
  3. Tap Wi-Fi.
  4. To see available networks, tap the Wi-Fi switch to On.
  5. Select a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. ...
  6. If prompted, enter the password for the network.
Mar 24, 2023

Does changing router change Wi-Fi password? ›

You can change your Wi-Fi password and access in your router's configuration page in an internet browser. When you buy a new router, you should change its password and name to keep it secure. If you forgot your Wi-Fi password, you can connect to the router with an ethernet cable or reset it.

How to replace your wi-fi router without disconnecting all your devices? ›

Unplug your old router. (If your old router is combined with your modem, you will need to go into its settings to disable the Wi-Fi network there.) All your devices should now automatically connect to your new router using the same network name and password. Verify your devices are working properly.

How do I manually change Wi-Fi between 2.4 and 5GHz? ›

Here is how you can set 5GHz as your new Wi-Fi band:
  1. Click Start > Device Manager. ...
  2. Select View > Show hidden devices to make sure Windows 10 displays all drivers.
  3. Expand the Network adapters list.
  4. Right-click the Wi-Fi adapter > Properties.
  5. Open the Advanced tab.
  6. Set Property to Band or Preferred band.
Mar 31, 2022

How do I enable 2.4GHz and 5GHz? ›

Dual band routers can broadcast on both bands- 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, you just need to use a different user name and password for 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. If you're not sure whether your router is dual band, you can look up its model number on the manufacturer's website.

How do I change the frequency on my router? ›

How to Change Router Channels
  1. Open a Web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari)
  2. Type your router's IP address in to the browser's address bar.
  3. Enter the router's username.
  4. Open Wireless Settings.
  5. Click Channels.
  6. Change your wifi channel to 1, 6, or 11. These are usually the least crowded channels.
  7. Click Save or Apply.


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