🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (2023)

Looking for the best guitar for Clone Hero? Well, we know the right answer.

🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (1)

Clone Hero, an indie rhythm music video game released in 2017 and a sequel to the Guitar Hero series, allows players to replicate the playability of rhythm, bass, and lead guitars. To play Clone Hero, players and players use a guitar-style controller that can replicate the function of acoustic and electric guitars and many other musical instruments. The gamepad or guitar controller comes with colored fret buttons that players need to match notes that scroll down a digital highway on the screen.

Players must match the fret buttons of the guitar controller with colored notes and hit the buttons exactly when the notes reach the bottom end of the highway. You can also use a keyboard or many other input devices to tap the colored inputs to play Clone Hero, in addition to the guitar controller. A number of features and functions have to do with a guitar's compatibility with Clone Hero.

In addition to a premium guitar, you'll need a versatile game console and a premium mainframe to connect your guitar to a good sound system.

The 5 Best Guitars for Clone Hero – Comparison Table

🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (2)Guitar Hero Live
(Top Pick)
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🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (3)Wii Guitar Hero World Tour
(Near Runner Up)
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🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (4)Guitar Hero 2 Guitar ControllerCheck the price
🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (5)Rock Band 4 Fender Stratocaster Guitar ControllerCheck the price
🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (6)Gametime Buddies Brand Wireless GuitarCheck the price

1. Guitar Hero Live(Editors' Choice)

🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (7)

Guitar Hero Live, popularly known as GH Live, is a reimagined adaptation of Guitar Hero, a music rhythm video game series first released in 2005. GH Live music rhythm video game developed and remastered in 2015 by FreeStyleGames comes with two innovative gameplay techniques and a redesigned controller. If you enjoyed playing the previous versions of Guitar Hero, you will really appreciate the revamped and revamped guitar controller.

Guitar Hero Live's updated and advanced guitar controller, unlike previous installments, has six buttons divided into black and white rows, each row with three buttons. With GH Live, take to the stage to perform in first person while a crowd of fans and collaborators sing the praises of your virtuoso. At the same time, you will also love to make the most of GHTV (Guitar Hero TV) which introduces additional songs.

As you experiment with single notes, musical tones, arpeggios, and scales, you'll notice that you don't need to use your little finger. Of course, many other features and functions of GH Live keep you glued to the game engine. For example, while playing in multiplayer mode, you can team up with other band members and experience the adrenaline rush as the crowd cheers you on.


  • GH Live with a redesigned and innovative guitar controller
  • Console: Xbox 360
  • First person game
  • Smart layout with six buttons
  • Genre: Rhythm
  • Game modes: Single-player, multiplayer
  • 3-fret design


  • The video game controller includes a feature that replicates the game Guitar Hero Live
  • Players are not penalized for skipping notes by default, so songs can always be played no matter what
  • Ability to play additional songs via GHTV
  • The soundtrack on the disc includes 42 songs covering various musical genres
  • Still the best Guitar Hero controller for PC


  • Players must be experienced in playing the previous installments of Guitar Hero to play GH Live effectively
  • Steadfast Guitar Hero fans don't have much to choose from in the default soundtrack.

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2. Wii Guitar Hero World Tour(Near Runner Up)

🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (8)

Add to your experience playing Clone Hero and Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT) with the all-new standalone Wii Guitar Controller. Wii Guitar Hero World Tour seamlessly integrates Guitar Hero gameplay, combining state-of-the-art wireless devices with innovative offline and online play styles. Created by Neversoft and promoted by Activision, Guitar Hero World Tour-the 4uThe installment of the Guitar Hero series - it boasts a restored stylish guitar, microphone and a digital drum kit.

Players will also warm to the groundbreaking music composer - Music Studio - which enables players to create and record, modify and share choral rock 'n' roll. Players can also make the most of the 8-player "Battle of the Bands" along with the Band Career. Guitar Hero World Tour consists exclusively of original soundtracks from some iconic modern and vintage rock bands, including the Eagles, Sublime and Linkin Park.

On the other hand, the game features a lot more downloadable music developed by the community for the first time on all next-gen consoles. GHWT meets a gameplay update of previous Guitar Hero video games with players attempting to play "rock music" using specialized guitar-style controls. Guitar Hero World Tour offers players the opportunity to sing vocals and play drums, and enables up to four players to work together as an online band.


  • Compatible with Guitar Hero, Clone Hero, Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero World Tour
  • Dual color knobs are more responsive and accurate
  • Easy engagement with a flexible star-power knob and an extended torso bar
  • Completely redesigned high-tech wireless controller for improved responsiveness


  • Extremely touch-sensitive neck slider for achieving dynamic freestyle guitar solos
  • Players and players can use the wireless instrument as a standby guitar
  • Easily navigable


  • Incredibly heavy at 15.43 lbs
  • The strum bar only responds when you hit up and not down.

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3. Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Controller

🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (9)

Guitar Hero II Guitar Controller is the best way to hack away at your Xbox 360, as this controller is your real guitar alter-ego. To get the most out of the GH 2 guitar controller, you need to tap the fret buttons in tandem with the colored notes rushing down the screen highway. The rolling notes that appear on the digital highway determine the tempo or tempos of the song.

As you play, or rather pluck, on the Guitar Hero 2 controller's digital trunk bar, you activate the notes. Guitar Hero II builds on the original chartbuster game with a practice mode, superior multiplayer support, and possibly a better playlist. So you get a game that matches and may even exceed your expectations.

The Guitar Hero II controller along with the original game is bundled with Gibson acoustic and electric guitars. You can order the game as a bundle (similar to the original) or as a standalone or separate product. While personal perspectives may differ, the numbers available in Guitar Hero II are just as impressive and exciting as those of the original.

You can get started with GH II almost immediately, as it requires virtually no setup or installation. All you have to do is connect the Wi-Fi base unit to the Xbox 360, flip the switch on the back of the controller, and you're good to go.

The GH II Guitar Controller even allows you to connect two wireless jacks at the same time to take advantage of multiplayer mode.


  • The GH II Guitar Controller works like a real guitar
  • Stylish start and select buttons
  • Sleek body design characterized by a glossy white finish


  • You can use it immediately. no setup required
  • Gentle finger tap
  • It performs smoothly even with fast tracks from the GH II playlist with no signal lag


  • Many players have reported having issues with the torso bar.

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4. Rock Band 4 Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller

🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (10)

For several decades, the famous Fender Stratocaster has epitomized many musical genres, including blues, R&B, soul, folk, rock and country. And now, the famous bass that allowed modern rock to come of age serves as the inspiration for the Rock Band 4 Wireless Guitar Controller. Rock Band 4, commercially released in 2015, is a music video game (rhythm game) developed and marketed by Harmonix.

The Rock Band 4 Wireless Fender Stratocaster with Guitar Controller allows players to emulate different genres of music using controllers that reproduce drums, vocals and guitars. Since this guitar controller is exclusively designed for the genre of rhythm games, you can use it to play "Clone Hero". Rock Band 4 focuses on the core features of the franchise's core gameplay, emphasizing the social interaction of the video game while minimizing the focus on musical interactions.


  • Refurbished tilt sensor
  • Low latency wireless connection
  • Built-in control panel
  • Supports ambidextrous play


  • Intuitive tilt sensor to activate overdrive to raise points
  • Comes with built-in freestyle guitar solos
  • It works as a party box
  • Great collection of tracks


  • The list of electric vocals may frustrate experienced players

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5. Gametime Buddies Brand Wireless Guitar

🥇What is the best guitar for Clone Hero? (Reviews-2022) (11)

If you are looking for an affordable, impressive wireless guitar controller to enjoy playing Clone Hero,then look no further. This wireless Les Paul style guitar controller from Gametime Buddies is compatible with Rock Band and Wii Guitar Hero and Clone Hero video games. Weighing just 3.5 pounds with a 30-inch neck and 9.5-inch body, the Gametime Buddies Wireless Guitar Controller is ideal for playing Guitar Hero 'Warriors of Rock', GH-Aerosmith and GH3-Legends of Rock, etc.

This impressive and pocket-friendly guitar features a versatile remote control that lets you effortlessly switch between guitars for fun playing. The placement of the guitar remote allows you to perform wireless commands very easily. You can expect this guitar controller to be responsive the moment you set it up, and the setup process is also simple.


  • The remote control slot on the front of the guitar makes it easy to connect and hold the Wii remote
  • Works with Rock Band 2 and 3 and all Guitar Hero games


  • Light guitar? easy to hold and handle
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Not compatible with games that require a microphone to play

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Do I need a guitar to play Clone Hero?

Are you an avid gamer and want to enjoy playing Clone Hero or Guitar Hero, but you don't have a guitar. In addition, youI have no experience playing the guitar. Can't wait to find out if you can enjoy playing Clone Hero even if you don't have a bass. You will be thrilled to discover that you can play the video game to the beat of music even without the actual guitar.

You can enjoy an immersive gaming experience, provided you have a compatible game controller, Xbox or PS2, 3 or 4, and of course, the Clone Hero game. “Clone Hero, by design, has pretty much the same gameplayGuitar Hero. The game involves hitting colored inputs on a guitar or a drum-shaped controller to play songs. However, in Clone Hero,These inputs can be mapped to a keyboard (say a computer keyboard) or any other input device."

You will need to press the appropriate buttons on the Xbox or PS controller or the colored fret buttons on the guitar controller when the notes reach the end of the highway on the screen. Clone Hero offers Guitar Hero Live Guitar (6 notes), bass, guitar (rhythm music, community developed tracks, freestyle solo) and 5-lane keyboard instruments to play.

Known issues with Clone Hero guitars

Guitar Hero Live or GH Live controllers are very similar in design and function and compatible with Android, Linux, macOS and MS-Windows-10. GH orClone Hero Gamesthey do not work with iOS platforms. The games are bundled with any dongle, but you'll need to have the Xbox 360 dongle and you'll need to force the Xbox 360 drivers for compatibility.

Otherwise, hitting and holding down the frets at the same time won't work.

Conclusion: the best clone hero guitar

The top guitars for Clone Hero have unique features and specifications that distinguish them from regular acoustic, electric or electro-acoustic guitars. These guitars are designed exclusively for gaming, specifically for indie music rhythm video games like Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band. Before buying a Clone Hero guitar, pay close attention to aspects such as compatibility, user-friendliness, and wireless control.

Guitar Hero Live is the best guitar for Clone Hero in our opinion. It is also the best Guitar Hero for PC.

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